Mind Modifications

Your brain is a computer, which can be programmed by you.


This blog asserts the following:

  1. The brain is a kind of a computer,
  2. and given suitable techniques and methods,
  3. it can be programmed by you.

This blog presents tools and techniques to learn how to program and explore your brain, and ultimately, yourself.

The blog was born out of a personal interest towards exploring the mind and charting the available techniques and tools of exploration. Since the author is not a medical expert, you should consult someone who is a medical expert before attempting the techniques presented here, should you have any doubts about effects to your physical or mental well-being.

Obviously, the author will assume no responsibility over the actions of the reader: if you do something stupid and die or get hurt, it's your fault, and your fault alone.

This blog tries to stay as factual as possible. Therefore it ignores things like power crystals (although the placebo effect from self-suggestion with the crystals might have some effect on ones mind), channeling, telepathy and other such things which according to current state of scientific knowledge have no basis in reality, which do not have reproduceable effects under controlled conditions and/or which just are utter nonsense. Common sense has been used, and the reader is kindly asked to use it also.

However, this blog is not a scientific peer-reviewed journal article. Some of the text is also written from the author's memory and is based on the author's personal experiences. There exists references in scientific literature to most of the methods described here, however, a lot of the references presented in the blog will definitely be lacking. Although many of the techniques have been subjectively tested in various forms by the author and other people, credible references (for and against) would be more than welcome; for this task feedback from readers is kindly requested.

Any input is welcome.

Do not be misled by your own laziness and wishful thinking that just reading the blog will make something happen magically and without effort. That is not the case. After reading and understanding the essential information, you have to do some real, hard work to turn the information into practice through your own actions. Practice makes perfect.

The author does not claim to be an expert on the practice of the explained methods and techniques. Some of the methods can take years to master. Some are attainable with far less effort. If you are interested, try them out, explore and have fun!

Contacting is easy: you can either leave a comment, or you can e-mail to mind at mindmodifications dot com.