This blog asserts the following:

  1. The brain is a kind of a computer,
  2. and given suitable techniques and methods,
  3. it can be programmed by you.

This blog presents tools and techniques to learn how to program and explore your brain, and ultimately, yourself.

The blog was born out of a personal interest towards exploring the mind and charting the available techniques and tools of exploration.

The original idea with the site was to discover new techniques and handle them like this:

The process

That is, learn various techniques, use them for some time, evaluate them and then distill the main ideas into small, short and practical instructions so that the readers can reduce the time from zero to skill. This is still my aim and this is what I hope to achieve over time.

It takes time and energy to study, learn and experiment with various techniques well enough to be able to comment on those more than superficially. In addition, there should be a suitable target for learning, to avoid using toy examples. Since I work and do all sorts of other things as well, expect updates occasionally; there certainly will not be posts on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Contacting is easy: drop an email to “mind” who is at mindmodifications dot com.


If you have any doubts about possible effects to your physical or mental well-being, consult a medical expert before attempting anything described here. You and you alone bear all responsibility.


The main page image is slightly modified from a photograph by Bekir Donmez on Unsplash.